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What is Around by Bike?

Around by Bike is a project conceived and created for all those who want to experience new adventures, immersed in the landscapes and beauties of the Sicilian territory, having the opportunity to be not only cycle tourists, but guests in every respect! Around by Bike offers the opportunity to live an all-round experience, letting you get to know and fully savour each place and its characteristics from every point of view: landscapes, culture, gastronomy, traditions.

Our philosophy

Unlike the classic routes designed for cycle tourists, which focus on travel and challenges, our philosophy focuses on places, experiencing and discovering them in a different way.
Around by Bike aims to enhance the landscape, cultural, economic and social fabric of the most beautiful places in Sicily, starting from its native territory, the Nebrodi, which goes from Patti to Tusa and extends to Montesoro, crossing lakes, streams, mountains, plains, sea, green forests and beautiful golden beaches.

Suitable for all

30 km
Basic courses

These routes do not require high stamina or advanced skills, but are suitable for anyone.

40 km
Average routes

These routes require intermediate skills, both on- and off-road, and a minimum of preparation.

60 km
Advanced courses

These routes require advanced skills, both on and off-road, good athletic preparation and sufficient stamina.

of the route

The routes are structured in such a way as to be a true full immersion in the beauty of our places, just think for example of the Faraglioni of Lipari, the Laghetti of Marinello (Tindari) or the Roman Villa of Patti, but not only, designed to know and enjoy the local food and wine specialties (known are the Sicilian Cannolo, the Granita, the Grecanico di Falcone or the Bocconetti di Ficarra ) and also to learn about anecdotes and legends linked to the territory or monuments such as the Ciaule tower or the Brolo Castle, and finally to get to know ancient arts and popular traditions (hot sheep's ricotta, pane duro cunzatu, I pizzara).

What they say about us

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