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  • The Customer declares that he has examined the vehicle in question and that he has received it in excellent condition and in perfect working order at the time of signing this contract.
  • The estimated value of the goods covered by this agreement is set out in the attached list which forms an integral part of this agreement.
  • The confirmation of the booking, under penalty of cancellation, is subject to payment within 24 hours of 100% of the amount agreed in the order confirmation email, to be made using one of the available payment methods; any right of withdrawal is permitted within 7 days of payment, in which case the 35% of the amount paid will be returned.
  • The rental price was agreed between the parties by means of an order confirmation/direct negotiation.
  • By confirming the order, the customer declares his acceptance of the following regulations and conditions:

1. The rental and use of the bicycle (hereinafter also referred to as the vehicle) presupposes the customer's knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these regulations;

2. The Client must first present the lessor with a valid identity document in order to formalise the agreement.

3. The use of bicycles is restricted to adults unless the minor is accompanied by an adult who assumes full responsibility.

4. The Client declares that he/she has adequate capacity and appropriate expertise without reservation and declares that he/she will hold the Lessor harmless from any consequences to this end. The use of a helmet is compulsory and he undertakes to use it.

5. The bicycle must only be used as a means of transport and must be used with care, common sense and diligence, so as to avoid damage to the bicycle and its accessories. The bicycle may not be used for commercial purposes and may not be passed on to others for use.

6. The customer is responsible for the bicycle until it is returned to the lessor. The customer is also responsible for any damage caused to the customer, the bicycle, third parties, property and/or animals while using the bicycle. No form of compensation and/or indemnity may be claimed from the hirer.

7. During the rental/use of the rented bicycle, the customer does not benefit from any form of accident insurance, but it is possible to make an explicit request with a separate payment. The bicycle is not covered by liability insurance. The customer is obliged to comply with the rules of the Road Traffic Act. The Hirer shall not be liable in the event of improper use of the bicycle or failure to comply with the Highway Code.

8. The Hirer has taken out a suitable Insurance Policy for any damage occurring to the Client for reasons attributable to the Hirer.

9. The lessor reserves the right to carry out checks on the customer-user during the use of the bicycles and may demand their return in the event that it detects conditions of improper use of the vehicle, retaining the amount already paid for the use.

10. In the event of loss of keys or bicycle accessories or in the event of damage, the lessor shall request from the customer the sum necessary to restore the vehicle to its original condition on the basis of the attached price list to be understood as known and accepted, except in the event of greater damage that can be documented with an estimate provided by the lessor.

11. The bicycle must be returned to the same place where it was rented. It is possible, upon explicit request, to agree in advance on the place of delivery for an additional fee. In any case, the bicycle is considered returned only if it is returned directly to the hirer; failure to return the bicycle in the agreed manner and within the agreed time shall be reported to the judicial authorities.

12. If the bicycle is stolen by a third party, the customer must file a report with the competent authorities and provide a copy of the same to the lessor together with a report of the incident, specifying all the circumstances of time and place.

13. In the event of total or partial theft of or damage to the bicycle and its accessories, the renter is obliged to compensate the renter for such damage on the basis of the price list at the end of this Agreement.

14. For anything not provided for and regulated in this contract, the relationship between the Parties (contractors) shall be governed by the rules of the Civil Code. For any dispute arising between the Parties concerning the application of the present contract, the competent court shall be exclusively that of Patti.

15. By signing this agreement, the Customer declares that he/she has been informed that the personal data provided and/or acquired by the Charterer in the course of his/her business, necessary for the performance of the services offered, shall be processed in compliance with the regulations on privacy and the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of his/her confidentiality and rights, in accordance with the provisions of European Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as GDPR). The Data Controller is the contractor better identified below.

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